Hi my name is Betty Jane Bosley and I just want to thank Showcase Homes without making it long but I need to thank someone who has came to my help when I needed it, Since I lost my dear husband 5 ½ years ago, I’ve had to be on my own in making choices and at times it is very hard, but with God on my side, I felt he would take me where he wanted me to be. My daughter and my grandson needed another trailer to live in, the one they had was 30 years old and with my health the way it is, I felt its time to get them in another one, a new one. I passed by Showcase Homes a lot going to see my daughter Angie and grandson Matthew. As time went on I told myself I need to stop in and see what and how to go about it. So one day going to my daughter’s, I don’t know if it was my dear lord or my dear husband or both but, I found myself on the lot. I went in and the first one I saw was Cleo and she said Hi How are you, I said well and how are you. I started telling her what was on my mind and she let me look at some trailers and take my time then come back in and we can talk. I new the first time I saw her god had send me another guardian angel to help me, I felt it right away, She was so helpful and kind and I’ll always be grateful for the time she gave me. Cleo and her husband Lee and there son and his helper Ron and the girls in the office are all very nice. God had sent me where he wanted me to be. My daughter Angie and her son Matthew have a nice home and are enjoying it so much and I feel in my heart it was God’s will and my husband can rest better, So with all my heart I thank each and everyone at Showcase Homes for helping make my mind at ease.

I started looking for a new home. I had my ground cleared and ready to start looking for something.I walked into Showcase Homes with my son, daughter- in-law and grandson, and met a very sweet girl named Dani. She is a very good sales person. I looked through approximately 14 doublewides and found the perfect home. She assured me that was my house. We talked and talked and phone calls, visits, and then it was mine.I looked at doublewide houses in VA, Md., Shanks, Capon Bridge, & Morgantown. Nothing compared to what I had seen and the excellent service I received at Showcase HomesOn May 7 2010, I lost my special husband to a heart attack. I could not live in our house any longer. I had to move. This is when I found you all. My life was very difficult but thanks to Dani it was made much easier. Everything I was told about the home came true and I am very much in love with ever inch of my new home. Everyone that has came and seen it love it and said they had never seen one so nice.


I want to thank all of you for the wonderful treatment you gave me while I was ordering my new home. On February 8, 2009 I lost my home due to a fire. Everything was lost so I started out looking for a new mobile home. PA, WV & Md I checked which a lot of homes were. Then after stopping at Showcase Homes I knew where I would be buying my next home. I talked to Lee and he treated me like a brother. Everyone there treated me very well.
I really like my new home, and I and very thankful. Lee had made the suggestions he did while I was ordering all of this helped in the development of my new home. When I would need to talk to Lee and would call the office one of the girls I can remember was Carolyn She would handle the call in a very well and caring way. Butch & Ron did a very good job in setting my home up. They were a pair of professionals at what they did. Each one done what needed done. They both did a great job. All of you have made a believer out of me. If I ever need to buy a home again I will be right back at Showcase Homes.So thank all of you very much. And I hope you all have a nice thanksgiving and thank you again.

Blair Folk

We would like to take the time to say thank you for all of your help and support in buying a new home. We are very happy to be in, and almost finished unpacking. Kevin, a special thank you to you for all the time you put in for us, you were very informative about what the next step was at all times. Thank you for answering my million and one questions! What seemed to be a process that would never end finally did. Ken & I faced a lot of challenges and you helped us see the brighter side of things. I would like you to send a special thank you to Pam at Fleetwood. She seemed very compassionate about her job and was very helpful. Another bunch of great guys deserve a big thank you as well. It was great each morning I would say “Good Morning” that I would get a smile, good morning how are you! Parks was wonderful and did a great job here. The crane company also did an amazing job. Keith and the crew did a wonderful job and were very kind hearted and understanding. These guys got to see me smile, laugh, get aggravated, and even cry when our son was hospitalized, we can’t thank them enough. Butch & Ron did a great job for us too as well; they answered my million questions and were very informative. They are both great at there jobs and very hard workers!Our new house seems to fit us well and we plan to spend many many happy years here as a family. A heart felt thank you to each and everyone who was involved in the process of our new home.

Ken & Samantha Wolfe

I would like to take this opportunity to thank SHOWCASE HOMES for the help in purchasing my home. I was purchasing a doublewide for myself and had been to several places before ending up at Showcase Homes. That is where I made my purchase because of the work that they did to help me get the home I wanted. Bought the home July 2010.
I would like to thank each person starting with:
Kevin, he was the salesperson that I met when I went to Showcase Homes. He showed me the models there and then worked with me when I chose a floor plan from their sales book. He worked with me making sure that I had everything in that I wanted in the home that I was buying. He was patient, knowledgeable and was available whenever I had a question. He has always been there for me. Lee:
I was able to talk to him whenever I wanted to. He was not someone that was not accessible. Dani:
When I called Showcase Homes, Dani was always friendly; she lets you know that you are important.Butch & Ronnie: I want to thank them for the work they completed on my home. They were always there to help me. They have gone above and beyond what they are contracted to do.I know that I made the right choice in choosing SHOWCASE HOMES to provide me with the home I have now. I can honestly say that I am a very satisfied customer.I WOULD RECOMMEND SHOWCASE HOMES TO ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN PURCHASING A NEW HOME.

Melissa and I would like to commend you on your efforts on helping us with our new home purchase. You were always willing to listen to our wants and needs. You were very patient and understanding of our many changes and at one point I believe we did a complete change in direction in what we were looking for in a new home. The owners of Showcase Homes probably don’t realize what a valuable employee they have in you. I mean we basically bought a home on your recommendation alone without even seeing it, we just told you what we needed, how much we could afford, and the interior finishes we was looking for and you took it from there. You were always willing to answer hundreds of questions, and if you didn’t have the answer you always find it in a timely manner if not by a phone call then by email. We love our new home and are looking forward to enjoying our new home for many years to come. You provided excellent service throughout the entire process.We also really liked the fact that you provided a year warranty. It gave us comfort in knowing that if something goes wrong it’s fixable.
Thank you so much.

Melissa & Joshua

Scott and I would like to say thank you for our wonderful new home. We both knew this was a tough time of the year to pull this off, because of your hard with we managed it. Thanks to Kevin for keeping us straight with all the paper work and banking etc. You are very efficient. And a big thanks to the house-warming gift it was very nice of you. Oh and thanks for the pens! Thank you Lee and I hope you are enjoying your shirt. We will be talking soon.

Laine & Scott Raley

I wanted to thank all of you for an impressive journey in buying my new home. You all presented a friendly; family oriented business to me & made it so easy to buy a home! Kevin gave me the valuable time and attention over the course of so many weeks with regards to financing, reminding me of items I needed present at the sale and also suggestions on décor when ordering my home. Lee, Thank you for the beautiful skirting, help with the awning & also your suggestions on just about everything. You have a fantastic business & I as a customer was very enthused with all you did for me. Cleo and Dani always made me feel “right at home” Butch & his staff were busy all the time making my home satisfactory and I know you all worked very hard. Please know how appreciative I am & once again thank you all! Thanks for much you were more than kind, people like that aren’t easy to find.

Colette Suder

First and foremost, we would like to extend a thank you for helping us through the modular home buying process. What a lot of work it was. From the very beginning everything seemed to fall right on schedule. Our sales consultant Kevin was available to answer any questions we needed answered even before we signed the contract. He was very informative with the different models and if he did not know he would let us know later. Once the model was chosen and the contracts were signed it seemed like the ball was rolling. There were not many hang-ups that caused alarm. We were getting nervous with the upcoming weather, but who wouldn’t with where we live. As for the options, it seemed that anything we could have thought of, your company offered. Even though we were not looking for a lot of upgrades, it was nice that it was available. We also liked that we did not feel pressured to add any upgrades that we did not feel necessary. Not being pressured to buy extras that we didn’t need or want was important to us.What a great feeling we felt when we saw the house on the property. It looked exactly how we had imagined. Honestly, we really don’t have any complaints worth putting on this letter. We received everything that we expected and then some. A turn-key company was the right choice for us.
Thank you so much,

Shaun & Dana Barnes

I would like to express our appreciation to you for our beautiful new home. We are truly living in our dream home and we have you to thank for that. The process of buying our Champion Modular went very smoothly due to all the help that was provided by Showcase Homes. We were grateful for the fact that the work was completed in a timely manner. We were also very appreciative that during the process of the planning and the building that our questions were always answered and every phone call was always returned quickly. We were thrilled when our house was finally delivered and we could go through it and see the house that we had designed. The few things we noticed during our walk through that needed fixed were fixed quickly and without any hesitation on your part, and we are very pleased with the work that was finished. We were further pleased with the warranty that was provided with our house. It gave us peace of mind through the first year in our new house; we were reassured that if something would go wrong with our house or if we noticed something that we had not noticed before it would be fixed and taken care of by our friends at Showcase Homes. It is comforting to know that there can be quality service even after the sale.

Ben & Erin Cowan

My Husband Walter and I wanted to buy about 2 acres of property; we also wanted to stay in the school district. We looked around the area, we wanted the property to be flat, close to a main road, but also have privacy. Needless to say we did not have any luck. A Friend of ours told us about Showcase Homes, my son and I drove to Pinto to check this place out, that’s when we were introduced to Amanda Deal, a young lady with a lot of enthusiasm. I talked to Amanda and told her what we were interested in finding and put a house on the property. Amanda gave us her famous clipboard with all the homes that were on the lot. My son and I looked at all of them. We found the one we liked. When we went back in to talk to Amanda, she was looking on her computer and had found us the properties were looking for; it met everything we had specified. Amanda and I have become friends, it seems like we have known each other for years. My family all met Amanda, she treated my family with respect and made us all feel good about our new house and property we purchased. Since we moved into our house; any problem we’ve had Showcase Homes takes my calls and makes it right. I would like to say a very big Thank You to John, Lee Amanda, Butch, Ron and everyone who put our house together.

Walter, Dawn & Stephen Anderson

I’m sorry I have been sooo long writing this but I have been very busy. We got our sons showcase home, basement and all; it was so nice to have everything done. It went very smooth, most of the time, there were a couple of miss understandings, but it was all worked out. The worst part was the block layers taking off in the middle for deer season and everything setting for a week. We were so happy with everything and Jody was a joy to work with. We got our Neighbor’s, Roy and Debbie Mayhew, into getting a home from you and they are about to move into it.

John L., John W. and Nancy Thorne

We would like to thank everyone at Showcase Homes for all the work on our new home. We appreciate all you have done for us. When we have had a problem, you came and took care of it as soon as you could. We enjoy our new home and we would deal with you again.

Joan and Allen Cutter

I would like to praise the team and Brooke, who made planning and ordering our new home very easy. She took the time to answer my questions and order my alterations. Butch made things happen. He took time to answer all my concerns when I met with him on the lot. He kept things moving to my satisfaction and presto in 30 days from the setting we were able to move in as promised by both Brooke and Butch. Keith and his masonry crew are great. They worked nearly every day, even in light rain. A friend of mine who is a retired brick and block layer was impressed with their work. The floor they poured is just great. Keith and one assistant stayed until after 6 PM to Insure the floor turned out perfect. The carpenter, who took care of little details, was great. Pardon me for not remembering his name. His work was superb. He worked on doors until they were as good as possible and all other items that needed adjusted. Without your insurance agent nothing would have happened. The bank required a policy and your agency delivered. I shopped around before I contracted with Showcase Homes and I am pleased with my decision and experience. Now for the down side, I feel that phone calls could be returned in a timelier manner; however, they were returned.

Francis Scarcelli

George and I have been in our doublewide trailer home for nearly a year now. We have been thrilled by its beauty, dependability & structural soundness. Living in the Mt. Savage area it survived the cold, windy, season with very little heating problems. When a problem arose you tended to it immediately. Through the summer months it is flawless. We can’t thank you enough for all your kindness, helpfulness and professional attitude you have shown us. We would highly recommend your company & associates to all who are looking for a reliable home.

George & Georgetta Smith

Ansel and I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our Skyline manufactured home. We appreciate all the work that went into putting our home on the property. We know that doing the excavation during the winter months brought you and your crew added problems. We saw how hard everyone worked. We also thank the office people for all their support too. We also appreciate the extra attention we felt we were getting, although I am sure you probably make every homebuyer feel the same. Your helpers and especially you were always attentive to our questions or concerns regarding the property and all unexpected problems encountered were solved. Our home and our experience of working with Showcase Homes was everything we had hoped for, and again we thank you for everything.
Your Happy Buyers,

Ansel and Dianne Shircliffe